Dream A Little Dream

Hello all! So I promised you a lighthearted blog to try and bring the mood up. I’m still not feeling 100% physically, and I’m pretty sure I’m only at about 20% emotionally, but all is well. This won’t be a long post, it honestly may not even be worth reading, but it’s something to lighten the mood and make us (mainly me) feel a little better. 

I work in the food industry now (yes I finally gave up teaching), and we’ve been crazy busy preparing for Super Bowl. We’re usually pretty busy but this passed week (especially the past 3 days) have been hell! Last night I got a much needed break and mood booster while walking around the dinning room. I started off as a server, now a manager (yay me), and I’ve gotten to know alot of our regulars pretty well. I pride myself on remembering their orders, their children, grandchildren, and to a few their health problems. 

Anyways last night I stepped out into the dinning room to see how our customers were doing (it gives me a break and a chance to check customer satisfaction), when I ran into a regular of ours. She’s a woman in her mid 40’s 2 beautiful daughter around 9 and 11, I noticed none of my ladies looked happy which isn’t them at all. I stopped to chat and when I approached the table one of the little girls say me and gave me the biggest smile and a hug. After commenting on their source faces (they are the kind of regulars I can do that with) the youngest said it was because they thought I left and they were upset they didn’t see me. 

To someone like me that small interaction and the few minutes conversation that filled meant the world. I have so much doubt, not only in my job but with myself and to know that someone (especially at work) missed me made me feel so good. It was the pepper up I needed to finish my shift and it got me through most of my day today, because I know that I’m doing something right. I can make people happy, and put a smile on their faces, and that’s all I want out of life most days.

It’s said all the time but we don’t really listen to it, “Tell people you love and appreciate them because you never know when they’ll be gone.” It’s small encounters like that one that can change someone’s day. I say it all the time but I do appreciate you guys, I appreciate you reading, liking, commenting, and having a sense of community. I don’t have as many followers on this blog as I do the other, and I share alot more intimate posts on here, I appreciate your kindness to my life. Like I said this was just a short little tale to lighten the mood. Have a great night guys.

                       Thanks for Reading,

                              Yours Truly 

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