Babies and Hospitals

Hi guys.. yea I know I’m the worst. I have another blog that gets updated everyday and I forget about this one, I’ll try harder. So I’m sitting at the hospital with my friend and her son, both of whom I love more than anything else, but it’s one of the hardest things to do.

I always have ups and downs when it comes to my fertility, usually more ups than downs, but being around this particular friend and her 3 kids makes it so hard. I’ve grown so close this family and I would and will always do anything for them, it just breaks my heart. Is it normal to love someone who isn’t yours so much? Is it ok? 

Sitting in a hospital room watching your child be sick is horrible, watching a child who isn’t yours be sick is terrible. You have no control, you have no say, you just have to sit here and let his mother tell them what’s wrong and be upset that the nurses don’t want to listen to you. 

This is a short post but I needed a quick rant. Part of life is doing hard things, this is one of those, her entire life is one of those. Sitting back and having to let her be a mother and figure things out for herself when all you want to do is do it yourself. She is an amazing mother and I know in time she’ll be even better, and I will always be here to make sure she succeeds. Today it breaks me heart to so badly wish it were me sitting here with my child, snuggling with the baby I carried, loving on my sick little one. 

              Thanks for listening guys,

                             Yours Truly

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