In My Feels

Today I’m in my feeling, and since this is my blog, pretty much my diary, I’m going to talk about it. I feel like I’m at a weird point in my life, 24, single, working 2 jobs, still living at home, childless, and an emotional disaster. Living at home doesn’t concern me so much because I have plans to move out once not only my finances but my families finances are back on track, it’s been a tough year for our family and we need all of our incomes to survive. 

Honestly even the single at childless thing only bothers me late at night, and I love working both my jobs. But like the title says I’m in my feels today, because I am lonely and I have the urge to have children. The thing is, I’m tired, tired of being told no one wants to date a big girl (or its usually a creepy guy), tired of watching everyone have what I want.

I mean where do you meet people? I work 6 days a week 71 hours minimum and the bar scene just isn’t my thing. I do attend church but we are a small congratulations with 2 men my age, 2! Oh yea and they both have girlfriends! add on to that thay I go to a pentecostal church, which I love, but I’m not the strictest pentecostal. I share many of the beliefs, I no longer cut my hair, I do try to dress modestly, but I get tattoos, I don’t think having a few drinks will send me to hell, and I use the F word alot. So where do I meet people?

“Try a dating website,” I’m sure is what alot of you are going to say but those things are terrible. It always ends up with “let’s hook up” or “yea your church is weird” and I hate that.

So today after eating with family and being asked when I’m going to meet a nice guy and start a family I just want to cry. It’s not like I’m not trying, I just can’t seem to find one. So today I’m Turing ingredients to you guys, where do you meet people to date? Please respond in the comments, I’m starting to feel like I’m talking to myself lol.

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