To Love a Book

As I’ve stated before I’m a nerd, I love to read, and I’m proud! I am in so many fandoms that sometimes I forget them, but I remember the exact moment my life changed, “Mr. And Mrs. Dursley of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.”


This was the moment that I became obsessed with all things to do with reading, this one sentence when I was eight years old make me into the person I am today. I wanted to take a moment to explain to all of my non readers what I mean, as well as to some of my readers who just don’t get it.

Love, it’s a word we use so much that to some it’s lost all meaning, and to others it’s only associated with pain. We love our phones, we love pizza, we love emojis  (I can’t talk I love these things too!). Some people talk about finding true love, or how amazing it is to love a person, but have you ever loved a book the way you love a person? Now just hear me out before you go all red in the face from laughing because I know at least one of you will.


To love something or someone, and I mean really truly love them, is the strongest emotion we can feel. You would give your life for that person, creature, or thing. You do things selflessly instead of selfishly, and watching them hurt makes you hurt. Now that’s me with books, especially Harry Potter. Getting a new books is like falling in lust, I can’t wait to get home and rip the cover off. Then as I read it, feeling the pages turning I fall out of lust and into a deep appreciation for what the book has to offer. Finally after finishing the book or the series I realize how much I love the characters, the plot, the author, and even the pain I felt.


When it’s all said and done they stay in your heart, you refer to them in times of need, they are the best friends you can ever have. I know this is a silly little post thay most will make fun of or not even read, but for those who understand the feeling I applaud you and ask that you never forget. Remember that a reader lives a thousand lives while a non reader only lives one. Love your books, love yourself, and most of all love what truly matter.

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