I’ve been thinkin….

So for those who don’t know I’m a huge nerd, like a ridiculously huge nerd! I’m 23 and I still obsess over Harry Potter, I’m a Trekkie, a Sherlockian, a Whovian and I I love to be surrounded by books! I say that to say this, I MISS ALAN RICKMAN!!! He has made a huge impact in my nerd life, even excluding Harry Potter.


He played so many roles I’ve loved, and have taught me so many life lessons. So I just wanted to take a minute to say I mourn you Alan Rickman, thank you for dedicating your life to making others happy.

On this same note I’ve been thinking about how attractive I find men like him. I love the odd features, the deep voice, and the scowl! It’s so funny, like I wonder if I’ll ever find anyone who looks like him that I actually like and can accept my nerdiness?


This! So sexy to me!

But I digress to other things that have been on my mind, because I need to. I’ve dedicated my new year to getting healthy and losing weight, because I really need to. I’m 23 and need to lose like an entire person, hopefully like 12 stones. I’ve been thinking about buying “goal” outfit, something that I want to fit into when I weigh what I want. Any thoughts? I’d love some advice on weight loss and healthy living if you have it. Thanks for listening to my rant.

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