2016 starting it.. right?

So I’m not writing this for other people, now of you want to read it great maybe we can help each other! Ya know 2015 was a weird year for me, we’ll at least the end of it, I’ve gotten tired of being fat, I’m tired if being single, I started working on my spiritual life, and I was just done being the me I was. So today I started a movement, it’s my own little Git Fit Movement and I’m pleased with myself. A few of the girls from work are joining in and even some of the girls from church, but this isn’t about them it’s about me. Wow that sounded conceded, like really conceded.

It’s true though I guess, because like every year some people will only see this has another failed resolution. Some will fall off the bandwagon and not know how to get back on, and some will stop once the novelty wears off or they don’t see results quick enough. That’s not me, not this year anyways. I’m trying to be the example, the one who keeps everyone bonded and together. I figure if I can keep the motivated it will keep me motivated right? So I’m doing daily texts, and checking in, helping them get started, and reminding them why they want it.

Maybe it’s dumb and maybe none of you care, but I guess I just needed someone to know. Because maybe you are out there and working out and alone, and you feel like no one cares but I want you to know I care. I care that you want to be healthier, I care that you want to be a better you. I want you to know that you’re not alone and that there is a small group of women in Missouri who are trying with you, a group of women who want to be better for not only ourselves but God. I’ll be on here posting occasionally, if you’d like help or sulport, or anything just ask!

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